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Pens are every-day objects and have been accompanying us humans for centuries. Hard to think of life without them, whether in the office, in the hobby-sector, cosmetics or the industry-sector. They bring good, as well as bad news in written form; they draw pictures - either symbolically or realistically; they enhance or emphasize a person´s features. Pens are used to apply all sorts of mediums and ensure many facilitations in working life.

Barbara Sommer,  General manager



The right pen for every purpose!

We offer you more than 50 standard colors for the components of your pens.

On request also your desired color!


FIf you cannot find your pen in our standard program, simply ask.

• Pens with fiber system

• Pens with valve system


Useful, practical or just beautiful!

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Product engineering

All from one source!

From production planning to toolmaking, plastics processing, assembly and final shipping - we cover all necessary stations internally for an optimal product!


Here you can find out more about the production process we can offer you.

green - more than a color!

ratioplast has always been committed to environmentally-friendly and recyclable packaging solutions.


We use FSC-certified materials for our cardboard boxes and blister cards.


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Our employees strive to manufacture the best possible products for you - we want the best possible for our employees

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