Philosophy - our guidelines

We make sustainable, joint decisions - we pass on quick returns.


Measured step-by-step growth - everyone has to be able to keep up.

We are one social entity.

A colourful mixture of employees from many nations. As colourful as our products - we are proud of such variety.

We respect foreign customs, special situations in life and various levels of education.


Our Employee´s health is important to us and we encourage our employees with various incentives and courses to keep up their health.

During spare time we invite our employees to joint leisure-activities on a voluntary basis.


We stand for reliability .

We keep promises we make to business-partners, as well as employees.


Our Company´s proceedings are transparent and can be retraced by  anyone. Our door is always open for our business-partners.


We invest in labour-saving devices and improvements of work-processes. This supposed to create freedom of space for our employees, keep costs level and continuously  improve quality.


Cleanliness, order and a clear view are of importance for all of us.

We treat all of nature´s resources in a responsible manner.


Our products are made in Germany and sold at fair-market value.


Quality and longevity of our products are in our mind´s foreground.


We support social and cultural  projects in our neighbourhood

We obtain our power from regenerative sources, respectively from our own rooftop (photovoltaic device). A portion of our heating is won through waste heat recovery from our machinery´s cooling circuits. 


Our employee´s training as well as further training are a firm part of our daily work life.