Update 2021

Packaging of our products:


ratioplast has always been committed to environmentally-friendly and recyclable packaging solutions. We use FSC-certified materials for our cardboard boxes and blister cards.


In the case of dual-substance blister packaging, R-PET sealing hoods with 95% recycled material are able to be provided.


In addition, we will be happy to draw up an individual, fully plastic-free packaging solution for you, for example, as single-substance blister packaging or as a collapsible box with an integrated card.


Our shipping is carried out using exchangeable euro pallets.

Future of plastics:


ratioplast GmbH is working to deal with the issue of resources in the plastics sector and with their finite nature.


We are plotting a course which involves both the use of recycled material derived from industrial and consumer waste and also the use of bio-based plastics from renewable resources.


Stable supply conditions in the market for these plastics have not yet been achieved.


We are monitoring the market and put the available materials to practical use so that we are able to offer our customers sustainable options.


You are welcome to contact us with specific enquiries.


On principle, we obtain our energy from regenerative sources (certificate) and from our roof-top photovoltaic device with 187 Kw peak.



We extract warmth from the cooling water and heat our production and storage spaces with it


Waste seperation

Waste seperation and disposal of remains from production processes are a matter of course for us. On principle we strive to avoid waste, though.



 As responsibility for climate protection becomes increasingly important, we ship our packages 100% climate-neutral via GLS to avoid emissions.



We constantly convert our packaging material into ecologically sustainably produced products, e. .g. foils containing a high share of recycled material and less CO2 emissions in the manufacture.


We are partners of "RafCycle", that means that we collect all of the backing paper of our product labels separately to supply it for recycling.

The 5t backing paper from our recycling provide 6t like new paper for magazine production. This avoids the deforestation of 60 trees per year.