Product engineering

product engineering

We leave nothing to chance with product engineering. Every order is meticulously planned and followed-up on. We always have your scheduled delivery date in mind and keep to it.



Tool design and construction

We call all current machinery for metal working our own. Therefore, we can implement all your wishes and ideas on-site and incorporate our ideas and know-how as well. This way we ensure that a perfect basis for production is established.


Plastics processing

With our modern machinery we manufacture the components of your pens, store these and have them available in time for production. Backtracking of the parts is ensured thanks to distinct classification at all times.

Screen printing and labeling

We decorate your products according to your vision, either in a preceding process or online on the assembly-lines. High-class screen printing, as well as hot foil-stamping or all kinds of labels are at your disposal.



The finished product "pen" develops on our fully automated assembly-lines. Every work step is subject to an automatic inspection.


Quality management

Only a pen, which works well for a long time brings joy. All relevant criteria are permanently checked through our quality management



We offer you a big variety of customary packaging solutions as a standard. We also have several longstanding, well-experienced partner-enterprises, who assist us.


Storage capacity

Your products await global distribution in our shelves. We can guarantee short-notice delivery thanks to our storage-services.



Distribution and logistics

We collaborate with renowned logistics-companies and are able to organize shipment according to your specifications.